Q1: This is a great App but the Adhan is not complete, we hear only "Takbir", please fix this.

A1: You can listen to the full Adhan if during the call to prayer, the App is running in the foreground. But if during the call to prayer the App is running in the background, the local notification is automatically activated and in this case you will have an Adhan alert limited by the system to 30 seconds max (this applies to all iPhone App without exception), that is why you hear only the Takbir. Please note here that the developers can not change this time limit, only the company "Apple" has control on it.

To have the full Adhan you should click on the button "View Prayers" of the alert message that appears with the Adhan, or as already mentioned above, you keep the App open (running in the foreground).


Quick view of the settings:

You can have a quick view of the settings data (current prayer calculation method used, asr method, current time zone, hijri adjustment...) by just clicking over the top on the date and city name, in the "Prayer Times" tab.

Quick Settings View

Mosque locator and directions:

To have the list of the nearby mosques, just click on the "Mosque" icon located at the bottom right of the "Map" tab. Then you will have the list of the mosques on a Map, and if you select any of the annotations you will get the detailed address of the specified mosque and even the driving directions from you current location.
You can also specify any city you want in the upper text box (to have the list of the nearby mosques of a city you plan to visit soon).

Mosque Icon

Nearby Mosques

Adhan local notifications volume:

You have two levels of volume (normal volume and low volume) for all local notifications (those automatic alerts generated when the App is running in the background). To set one of the two levels, just go to "Settings" tab, then click on "Adjustment" -> "Low Volume Notifications" switch.